Business Development Representative

Company: HathawayFinancial LLC
Job Role: Business Development Representative

HathawayFinancial (HF) is a Wealth Management and Investment Advisory Firm. We specialize in helping working professionals in the technology space build a financial plan for the long term so they can concentrate on their career and family. We do this through detailed financial planning, investment management and ad-hoc real-time advice.

We are looking for a Business Development Representative (BDR) to drive lead generation and ultimately new business. HF will provide the pipeline of leads, but needs a professional to get meetings scheduled with HF Registered Investment Advisor (RIA).

HF will provide a budget for marketing and generating leads. HF will then, in addition, pay a bonus or Sales Progression Incentive Fund (SPIF) tied to clients landed.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Core responsibility is demand and lead generation of qualified leads.
  • Being the first point of contact – email, text and verbal – for qualified leads.
  • Scheduling consultations with the Owner/Manager of HF.
  • Advise HF on most efficient use of funds to generate leads.


  • Experience working with RIA’s, Investment Advisors, Planners, and Wealth Managers, etc…
  • Deep understanding of social media platforms, email marketing, and avenues to generate leads. – Digital and traditional marketing channel optimization.
  • Should have general understanding of stock market and able to discuss at high-level.

The ideal candidate:

  • You’re reading this and thinking “I know exactly what needs to be done here”.
  • Demonstrated interest and knowledge of financial services industry. More specifically
  • stock market.
  • Motivated to make a lot of money working hard.
  • Interested in converting to full-time employee after demonstrated success.
  • Positive attitude. Relentless.

Contact sean@hathawayfinancial.com for job inquiries.  

#52 – Recessions?, Invest NOW, Elon/TSLA, Ford, Hunter B.


S&P 500 down 15% and Nasdaq 100 down 23% YTD. 

Housing Market: 

  • Mortgage rates from 2.5 to 5.5%. $1m loan at 3% is $30,000 per year, Double that to get pre-tax earnings of $60,000. That means you need to be earning at least $60,000 more per year to cover mortgage interest on $1m loan. 

There is a silver lining to this market. Big downturns every decade or so make for the best 2-3 time opportunities in life to invest. 2022 is it. Fund your 529’s. Dollar cost average in.  

  • Sept 2000: 1520 – 800 Oct 2002. 47%. 
  • Oct 2007: 1565. 95% (doubled money in 5 years). 
  • March 2009: 712. 54% down. 
  • Jan 2022: 4800. 574%. Almost 6x. 13 years. 
  • May 2022: 3900. 20% down. 


Ford: In another headline: Ford to Create Thousands of Factory Jobs, Invest $3.7 Billion in EV, Gas-Engine Production

  • The 3.7 multibillion-dollar investment will go to retooling factories to build newer versions of gas-engine models, such as the Ford Ranger pickup and Mustang sports car, the auto maker said Thursday. 
  • 55,000 Union auto workers. 

In Closing; 

#51 – GunLaws, Layoffs, Economy, Crypto, Apple, TSLA, NFLX, Ricky

Reasonable Gun Laws. Background checks! Mandatory insurance. 

80% of Americans agree on a lot of things. 10% extremes driving the political conversation and divisiveness. 

Elon Musk just said this again that if he owned Twitter 80% would like it, but 10% extreme left and right would complain vehemently. 

Economy and Markets:

Huge rally this week: Stocks up 4% in 4 days. 

  • Layoffs at PayPal, Netflix,  Robinhood and Bolt (one click startup payment company)
  • Hiring Freeze/slowing at Meta, Uber, Coinbase, Microsoft, Nvidia.  
    • I have not traded on Coinbase in 2 months. 

Fed minutes indicated will still increase 0.5% in June and July. But then open to “wait and see”. 

Housing market: 

  • Mortgage rates up: 2.5% to 5%+ 
  • Home Sales are down Jan to April. 6.5m to 5.6. 15% down. Spring/summer should be up!? 
  • Single family starts lowest since Oct 2021. 
  • Mortgage purchase applications slowest since May 2020. 
  • Homebuilder sentiment lowest since June 2020. 


  • Gasoline up 80%. 

Crypto is not a hedge: 

  • Crypto market cap has fallen from $2.3t to 1.3t. 
  • $4.5b fund at Andreeson Horowitz. A16z
  • My Luna is $0. 
  • BTC. Down 56%
  • ETH. Down 60%. 
  • DCA in still recommended. 

Apple holding up well in the News. 

  • $144, down 21% YtD. was down 25%
  • Flat iPhone sales. 220m, same as 2021. Expected 240. 
  • Tormer Tesla Autopilot software engineer who left to join Apple’s secretive car project last year, has left Apple to join Luminar.
  • Lidar vs. AI real cameras. Tesla showing different types of cars, doors open, garbage cans, cones, traffic lights…insane! 


  • Diner. Submitted plans for a Tesla diner as part of charging station in Hollwood. 
  • 3700 charging stations globally.
  • Elon committed to buying Twitter.  


Netflix Games suck. 

  • Stranger Things. Can it have a Squid Game effect? Its been 3 years and only show streamed/seen more was final episode of GoT. 

In Closing: 

#50 – Recessions, Stocks, CPI, Tech, NFLX, TSLA/Twitter, Elon interview!

Market update: 

  • S&P 20% and NDX 29%. Largely propped up by Energy: Up 
  • Inflation data: 8.3%
  • Fed at 0.75% – 1% and raise 0.5% in June and July. Will have to stop before mid-terms! Q4 rally? 
    • Federal Reserve is a joke. Powell keeps talking about controlling inflation. 
    • This is going to 
  • Coming for “the Generals”
  • Crypto. Terra (Luna). Bitcoin at 29k down from 68k. 57%. 
  • Consumer Sentiment index.  
  • Target, Costco, Walmart, Lowes, Home Depot, Koels: All down 25-40%.
  • FATMAANN. All down over 25%. Shooting Generals.

#Netflix stock down 73% from high and making some strategic adjustments. Would have been nice to see 6-9 months ago. But, better late than never:

1. Content: Focus on higher quality.

2. Content: Testing live TV.

3. Content: Staggered release. Stranger Things in Q2 and Q3.

4. Revenue: Advertising in Q4.

5. Revenue: Crackdown on 100m households sharing passwords.

6. Culture: “You may need to work on titles you perceive to be harmful. If you’d find it hard to support our content breadth, Netflix may not be the best place for you.” I guess they realized “get woke, go broke”. Applies to (1) above as well.

7. Culture of Finance: “Spend our members money wisely.” Layoffs terrible, but sends a message of fiscal responsibility (or is it a message that Q2 is going to be even more awful than forecast!?)

To be fair, even if Netflix was growing subscribers at decent clip, the stock would still be down 30-40%. But anything beyond that is Management’s responsibility. 

  • Tesla. 
    • Tesla removed for S&P ESG Index
    • Why buy Twitter. Play clip 1:
    • Twitter. Bots. <5%. 
    • Says he’s voting republican.
    • My take: similar. Voted Dem for niceness. 
      • Pro borders and pro immigration. 
      • Pro law enforcement. And pro-freedom. 
      • Social programs. Helping homeless. But not feeding them crackpipes. 
    • Tesla at All-In. Play clip. 
    • This is pretty incredible. This means Tesla’s operating income of $3.60B in Q1 2022 was slightly higher than Toyota’s ($3.56B), the largest automaker in the world by vehicle volume.Toyota sold ~2,759,000 vehicles in Q1 vs Tesla who sold 310,048.
  • In lighter news: 
    • My Tesla service story.  
    • Teen tracking Elon’s jet is now tracking Zuckerberg. “He tracks us, so we should track him. 
    • Lincoln Lawyer. 

Jan 7, 2022 – Happy New Year

US Stock market up 26% in 2021. And that’s on the back of 21% and 31% in 2020 and 2019. In fact, if you invested in the stock market in January 2017, you’ve DOUBLED your money in 4 years. 

Last year I mentioned my fascination/obsession with FATMAANN (FB, AAPL, TSLA, MSFT, AMZN, GOOG, NVDA, NFLX): dominant market leaders, growing revenues and profitability, global brand recognition and adoption. FATMAANN up monstrous 44% last year! 

BUT, it hasn’t been all ponies and rainbows; particularly if you were invested in high-growth new tech stocks. I’m going to call them “Shiny and New” vs the “Tried and True.” 

Here are some key observations: 

  • Tried & True is up 44% over the last year, while Shiny & New is down 29%.
  • Tried & True is 13% off high, while Shiny & New is 57% off high.
  • Average age of Shiny & New is 3.5 years since IPO, while the Tried & True is a whopping 23 years!!! 
  • Interestingly both groups have similar average price/sales ratios of 12.

BTW, I think Stitch and the Hood are going to rebound massively, as will others (but not investment advice!)

Market Outlook

Markets are down because the Fed intends to begin tapering and raising interest rates in an effort to combat high inflation. This has the effect of driving the stock market down for a few reasons: 

  • As interest rates rise, alternative investments (like fixed income bonds) become more attractive. 
  • Investors use leverage to purchase stocks and as interest rates rise, leverage/debt becomes more expensive. So less borrowing to buy stocks. 
  • In draw-downs, like we’re seeing this week, there is a psychological collective market flight to safety. Everyone’s a little panicked so they pull money out and sit on the sidelines. The key is to wait and not panic. 

There are a lot of reasons to be hopeful in 2022: 

  • Job openings are at record highs and unemployment record lows. See Beveridge curve.
  • Our economy is booming and companies (like FATMAANN) are likely to post record revenues and profits for Q4. 

In other words there are no fundamental structural issues with our economy. We are due for a correction, its short term pain, but markets will continue upward and to the right soon enough. 

Web 3.0

Web 3.0 was the dominant theme of 2021:  DAOs, NFTs, BlockChains, Crypto, tools, protocols and digital infrastructure that are enabling our worlds to be more secure and decentralized. Here’s an informative primer from a16z on What is Web 3.0.

I’ve been digging into Crypto lately and encouraging my clients to explore and own as well. It’s here to stay and I see value incorporating it into your financial portfolio. The best one page information source I’ve discovered on Crypto is an annual thesis written by Messari CEO Ryan Selkis; it’s extremely insightful and entertaining (I love how he unapologetically bashes Gary Gensler). 

On a personal note, I’m using Coinbase and Voyager apps to purchase Bitcoin, Etherium, Solana, Dogecoin and Luna on a weekly basis (dollar cost averaging in). 

In Closing

Nancy Pelosi is a sophisticated stock trader and if you want to follow her it’s publicly available here. Not sure how I feel about our politicians trading stocks, but at least it’s disclosed, and I’m pretty excited she bought call options on Roblox, Alphabet and Salesforce. 

Back Door Roth. Build Back Better didn’t pass – at least not yet – so your back door and mega-back door Roth IRA’s are safe for now. 

Breakaway Podcast. Check out my Pod and come be a guest.

Entertainment. With the kids we’re watching Lost in Space and starting Cobra Kai. Lorena and I are finishing Succession and getting ready to binge Yellowstone. And I just started Narcos Mexico S3. All recommended.

Job. If you know someone younger in their career or even recently graduated that wants to work as an investment advisor let them know I’m looking for a junior partner.

Please forward this to someone you think may find it interesting. 

Take care! 

Be kind. Be positive. Persevere.



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