Corona Crisis – Effects on Economy and Stock Market

Netflix Q4 2019 earnings on Jan 23

Tesla $800 Stock Feb 14, 2020


The Fed Failed Us

Time for Netflix to fast-follow TikTok

Review your 529 Plans and consider funding now

Q2 2022 – Finance Market Update

The Netflix Flash Crash

Sell your RSU’s

Jan 7, 2022 – Happy New Year

Tesla vs. White House

Netflix reaches all time high $618 with runway ahead

A primer on Tesla and why they have a shot at becoming The Most Valuable Company in the World.

Great 2020 Netflix! Over 200 million subscribers

Disney+ Restructured and it’s NOT Going to Work

College Football Could Decide the Presidency

US Stock Market soared to Record Highs This Week

Netflix had a great 4th Quarter, but the Street expects more

Netflix reported its best quarter EVER and Wall Street yawned

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