#64 – SpaceX, Tesla, NFLX, etc.

April 23, 2023

Apr 22. 

Wow. Been awhile. Volleyball. Mexico. 


If you lived thru 2021 you’re a rockstar and welcome to our first year down 

YTD US up 7% and Tech up 20%. 

Since Dec, 2021 US down 14% and Tech down 20%

I know many and myself buying 6 month 5% bonds. But maybe I should pay down the mortgage?

Recession looming. San Francisco vacancy at 33%. 15 sales force towers.??

National Guard in SF


$690 - $166 - $328. 232m paid subs. 

Same analogy I make to legacy media. Disney (closest streaming competitor) lost $1b on streaming. Amazon makes no money except on AWS.

Key statement: “We are pleased with the current performance and trajectory of our per-member advertising economics. In the US for instance, our ads plan already has a total ARM (subscription + ads) greater than our standard plan.”

Winding down DVD.com


Margins are down. But

  • Ford Motor said Thursday its electric vehicle business lost $2.1 billion last year.
  • Tesla Net Income $2.5b in the quarter! 
  • Punchline: How can these companies scale. Innovators dilemma.
    • Charging network, insurance. Battery tech. Lithium refining! 

Model Y best selling car in Europe. 2nd best in US behind Pickups. 

Cyber Truck in Q3 and FSD this year? Definitely by 2025. “Our growing fleet of FSD Beta users has an exponential impact on total FSD Beta miles driven – with over 150 million miles to date and counting.”

Service and existing fleet. Service is margin. Razors and blades! : 59.08:

Pricing: Sit around in a room and make informed decision 1/week. 


Everyday Astronaut Thread

Antonio Gracias

Mainstream media perspective. 

So you going to bet against this company. Has anyone else landed a rocket? Dec 2015. 8 years ago. Blue Origin in 2021. 

Recommendations: Night Watch, Succession, Full Swing

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