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October 20, 2022


  • The Text Message I just got.  Crypto and delaying laundry?! 
  • Down 17%. Tech down 25%. 
  • Housing.
  • Homes in August sat on the market an average five days longer than they did a year ago.
  • The median listing price in August dropped to $435,000 from $449,000 in July
  • The average home sold for less than its list price for the first time in more than 17 months during the four-week period ended Aug. 28, according to Redfin
  • Nord Stream Pipeline closed again. Russia booking record profits. 
    • Long cold winter for Germany.   

Biden Speach: 

  • Red lights. Looks like Nazi Germany. Portnoy Rant.  
  • Who are Maga Republicans? 5%, 10% far right? 49%? Far “left” just as dangerous. He just speak to the extremes if he wants to “unite” the country. 

White house seeking $12b for Ukraine. In addition to $40b already approved. 


  • On July 27 Pelosi sells Nvidia stock.
  • Aug 26 Government says can’t sell advanced chips to China. 

Energy (in California)

August 24 CA bans the sale of gasoline cars by 2035. 

August 30: Stop charging electric vehicles. May have rolling blackouts.  

Diablo Canyon Closure and then re-open.LA Times

How much does that plant produce? From PG&E directly:

18,000 gigawatt hours. ~10% of California’s energy needs. 

For years, Diablo Canyon has continued to safely produce clean and reliable energy without greenhouse gases (GHG), avoiding 6 to 7 million tons per year of GHGs that would be emitted by conventional generation resources. Built to withstand extreme natural disasters, including earthquakes, Diablo Canyon’s design features state-of-the-art seismic supports

Russia throttling gas to Germany

We need energy independence, which means mining too.   



  • Advertising live Nov 1!? 
  • $7-9 pricing. 
  • Sources confirmed the new Nov. 1 launch date, which was previously reported by the Wall Street Journal. Netflix and its exclusive ad partner, Microsoft, have requested ad buyers submit initial bids next week, with a “soft $65 CPM” — the cost per thousand views — meaning that the company is open to negotiating the ad rates. That’s well above industry CPMs of sub-$20.


Joe Rogan: Tim Dillon and Zuckerberg

Pam and Tommy. So dumb! But can’t stop watching. Sex and Rock n Roll.  

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