#55 – Mkts, Inflation, War, Politics, Energy, NFLX, Twitter, Musk, TSLA

July 15, 2022

Markets, Inflation, War in Ukraine, Politics, Energy, Netflix, Twitter, Musk, Tesla


Inflation print

CPI at 9.1%

What now: 

War, Supply Chains, Inflation (supply driven), and Fed actions.  

Are we in a recession? Yes.


  • 70-80% of americans in general agreement. Then the wacko’s come out and ruin everything. 
  • Climate change or die! 
  • Energy. 50% st fix and 50% lt strategy. Solar. Nuclear. 
  • Abortion.


  • Bad guide. Stock down 75%. 
  • Partnering with Microsoft for ads
  • TikTok kicking Netflix’s ass…so why not compete head on. 

Cheap Stocks

StitchFix down 95%. Bill Gurley buys $5m of StitchFix. 20x return if it goes back. That’s the good news. Not a recommendation but lots of depressed stocks like this.


As for Musk himself, the CEO had said in an email a few days earlier that he would spend six days a week in the factory, “seven if physically possible.” In the email, which The Information reviewed and which hasn’t been previously reported, Musk added, “BTW, anything I ask others to do, I do myself even more.”


  • All automakers down today. Watching this guy say that Tesla will “revert to mean” of other company valuations. No they wont. 
  • Solar, Battery, Cars, AI, HVAC, Semi’s, 


  • TopGun
  • Tour de France. 
  • British Open for Golf. Tiger shot a 78. 
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