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June 9, 2022

Reasonable Gun Laws. Background checks! Mandatory insurance. 

80% of Americans agree on a lot of things. 10% extremes driving the political conversation and divisiveness. 

Elon Musk just said this again that if he owned Twitter 80% would like it, but 10% extreme left and right would complain vehemently. 

Economy and Markets:

Huge rally this week: Stocks up 4% in 4 days. 

  • Layoffs at PayPal, Netflix,  Robinhood and Bolt (one click startup payment company)
  • Hiring Freeze/slowing at Meta, Uber, Coinbase, Microsoft, Nvidia.  
    • I have not traded on Coinbase in 2 months. 

Fed minutes indicated will still increase 0.5% in June and July. But then open to “wait and see”. 

Housing market: 

  • Mortgage rates up: 2.5% to 5%+ 
  • Home Sales are down Jan to April. 6.5m to 5.6. 15% down. Spring/summer should be up!? 
  • Single family starts lowest since Oct 2021. 
  • Mortgage purchase applications slowest since May 2020. 
  • Homebuilder sentiment lowest since June 2020. 


  • Gasoline up 80%. 

Crypto is not a hedge: 

  • Crypto market cap has fallen from $2.3t to 1.3t. 
  • $4.5b fund at Andreeson Horowitz. A16z
  • My Luna is $0. 
  • BTC. Down 56%
  • ETH. Down 60%. 
  • DCA in still recommended. 

Apple holding up well in the News. 

  • $144, down 21% YtD. was down 25%
  • Flat iPhone sales. 220m, same as 2021. Expected 240. 
  • Tormer Tesla Autopilot software engineer who left to join Apple’s secretive car project last year, has left Apple to join Luminar.
  • Lidar vs. AI real cameras. Tesla showing different types of cars, doors open, garbage cans, cones, traffic lights…insane! 


  • Diner. Submitted plans for a Tesla diner as part of charging station in Hollwood. 
  • 3700 charging stations globally.
  • Elon committed to buying Twitter.  


Netflix Games suck. 

  • Stranger Things. Can it have a Squid Game effect? Its been 3 years and only show streamed/seen more was final episode of GoT. 

In Closing: 

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