Wealth Management and Financial Planning

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High Quality Investments & Income Strategies

for the long term.

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A Fiduciary and fee only Registered Investment Advisor.

Investments with Charles Schwab, Inc.

I founded HathawayFinancial with a passion for helping people invest wisely in the markets, plan for the long term and retire comfortably. I encourage you to use this website to help you think about selecting an investment advisor. I'm certain you'll find that our firm is best practice all the way around. Comprehensive advice, planning and no conflicts.

— Sean Hathaway, Founder & Principal

What to Expect in your Advisor

Unlike 90% of financial advisors, HathawayFinancial is a Registered Investment Advisor and is required to act as your fiduciary and serve your best interests. We do not receive “kick-backs” from the funds or institutions where your money is invested.

NO Commissions – NO hidden incentives.

Planning for a Comfortable Retirement

At HathawayFinancial we provide you access to sophisticated software that enables you to track detailed cash flows and investment analysis years into the future. Many if not most advisors will charge extra for financial planning. We do not.

Investment Management

We will build you a diversified tax efficient strategic portfolio serving you for the long term. At HathawayFinancial we ensure your money and investments are optimized for you. Your investments are secure with Charles Schwab, Inc.

Financial Advice

We pride ourselves in providing real-time consultation and advice around all things finance in your life, including but not limited too:

We are only a text, email or phone call away…at all times!


A better way to invest! Why?

Quality Investments 

High quality and low cost investments. What does that mean? You want the best investments for the long term with the lowest fees. It seems obvious, but it's not as common as you'd think. Many advisors will put you in funds that charge high fees and regularly perform poorly against industry benchmarks. Did you know index funds cost 10x less than industry average and regularly beat active managers?

At HathawayFinancial we craft your individualized portfolio using index funds from Schwab, Vanguard, BlackRock and other reputable firms.

Fixed Transparent Fee Structure

We ensure that our interests and your interests are aligned.There should be no hidden fees. No kick-backs and no commissions. Ex. some advisors will pedal you insurance products or complex annuities, and you can be certain they are being paid on the back-end. Since I started HathawayFinancial, I've been charging a flat transparent fee of 0.90% of Assets Under Management (also known as AUM). The fee is lower as your assets grow.

Real-time Financial Advice

Any decent financial advisor will be a phone call, text message away or email away. That is us. Real-time answers.

Independent and Objective

HathawayFinancial is a registered RIA and therefore we are required to put your financial interests first as your legal fiduciary. Arguably, this is the most important element of selecting an Advisor: they need to be independent, objective and conflict free. Most are not. Many advisors are commissioned by steering their clients to specific investments or selling them insurance and annuities.

Latest Technologies

At HathawayFinancial we deploy the latest and greatest technologies available. You have access to world class trading platforms and applications from Charles Schwab.

We utilize cloud-based financial planning software that you can access anytime anywhere.

We collect all of your signatures and necessary paperwork using Docusign and we never maintain physical records or copies of your information. Everything is stored securely in Google Cloud where you can access it easily.

Preserve, Grow and Protect Your Wealth.

Investment Management

We build an investment portfolio unique to you and your long-term goals. We are relentlessly focused on maximizing your portfolio returns while managing risk.  

Financial & Retirement Planning

We work with you to establish long-term financial plans. We strive to help you obtain the retirement you desire and understand exactly what that looks like. 

Executive Financial Counseling

You're busy and should focus on work, family and fun. We help you make wise financial decisions around job offers, stock plans, 401ks and more. 

Tax Planning and Preparation

We work closely with your tax advisor or ours to ensure all the financial decisions we make are tax optimized. 

Risk Management and Insurance Planning

We work closely with you to ensure you have the right insurance options necessary to provide you peace of mind. 

Small Business Retirement Plans

We help small businesses establish retirement plans for their owners and employees; providing them competitive job benefits and avenues for tax advantaged retirement savings. 

Meet Sean

CEO and Founder

Founder and principal of HathawayFinancial

Husband and father

MBA (Berkeley) and CPA (Inactive)

Big 4 Alum of Andersen and KPMG

Formerly of Netflix and Lam Research (formerly Novellus)

Accounting, financial planning and analysis, including

  • Cash and Investment Portfolio management
  • 401k Committee Chair
  • Stock Options Programs
  • Healthcare and Life insurance

University of Oregon alum. Majors: Accounting and Spanish.

Skier, Snowboarder, Cyclist, Golfer (in that order)

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Hi, I'm Sean.

The founder of Hathaway Financial.