Comprehensive Financial Planning and Wealth Management  

Life is uncertain, your financial future doesn’t need to be


Financial Planning

Be confident in your savings plan and path to financial freedom or retirement. We’ll set your goals and track your progress together.

Portfolio and Investment Management

We’ll build a diversified strategic portfolio serving you for the long term. Rest assured that your money and investments are optimized and working for you. 

Financial Advisory

  • Coach and voice of reason in volatile markets
  • Company Stock Plans and Employer Benefits
  • Charitable Giving
  • Estate Planning
  • Funding Education
  • Life events and much more…


Sean is the principal of Hathaway Financial.

3 Step Process


1 – Plan

We’ll spend lot’s of time upfront getting a deep understanding of your goals, expectations and planning your journey to financial independence. 


2 – Invest

We’ll work together to establish an investment policy and allocation strategy customized for you and your goals.


3 – Review

Our relationship is ongoing. We check in regularly and always provide updated reporting and analysis of your investments and progress to goals. 

Core Principles

We are your Partner and Fiduciary


Your interests are first. We are fee-based only, no commissions and no hidden incentives.

We are always just a phone call away. That’s how it should be, right?


We are a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) and your legal fiduciary. 



◆ 90% of the roughly 310,000 Financial Advisors in the USA are brokers, meaning they are paid to sell financial products in return for a fee (i.e. commissions); this creates a conflict of interest. 


◆Only about 10% are solely registered as RIA’s; meaning they have a clear fiduciary responsibility to their clients. 


High Quality at a Low Cost

We will build your portfolio with low-cost high quality index funds (ETFs). Why? 

(1) Actively managed mutual funds cost 10 times more than ETFs. 

(2) There is overwhelming evidence that actively managed mutual funds under-perform passively managed index funds or ETFs.



◆ The average cost of an “actively” managed mutual fund is 0.75% or more than 10x that of an ETF of just 0.05%. 

◆ In a study of large mutual funds only 4% beat the S&P 500 over 15 years.  

◆ Warren Buffet famously made a bet in 2007 with 5 hedge funds (where the smart money goes, right?…) that the S&P 500 would outperform them over a 10 year period. HE WON. The S&P 500 beat all 5!! 


Strategic Investing for the Long-term

We build a diversified strategic portfolio based on your goals, time horizons and risk tolerance. Durable and resilient. 


We avoid frequent trading to reduce transaction costs and taxes.

We do not chase short-term profits and we’re not scared of bear markets. 


◆ Nobody has ever been able to time the market consistently. In fact, those that try often miss the upturns. Recently, the S&P 500 jumped 5% in one day (December 26, 2018). 

◆ If you were out of the market and missed only the Top 10 trading days over the last 20 years your returns would be cut in 1/2!

◆ On average Corrections (market down 10%) come annually and Bear Markets (down 20%) come every 5 years. We’re ok and prepared for that.

◆ We utilize Nobel prize winning Modern Portfolio Theory as the foundation of our investment allocation philosophy.